Webtoon series We Love and You Will Too, List of 7 You Need To Check Out


We Love Webtoon and You Love Webtoon here is a quick list of our favorite

Webtoon series We Love and You Will Too, List of 7 You Need To Check Out 1

In a world full of books, graphic novels, anime, manga, and comics, another form of storytelling media has gained major popularity. Ever since the global launch of the Korean publishing portal WEBTOON in 2014, the platform has grown exponentially. Content creators from anywhere have a place to publish and show their own stories to growing audiences that have totaled more than 100 billion as of 2019. So with all these titles and authors where you should begin? Well, here a few series you can catch up on.

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe


Currently one of the Top Series on the Webtoon platform, Lore Olympus is the retelling of the classic myth of Persephone and Hades. It’s a refreshing and creative take as she uses the original material and builds a brand new world. Set in Ancient Greece but yet a more Modern Day Olympus, you will see recognizable characters in a new yet familiar way.

Smythe has done a wonderful job taking the ever-bickering and feuding gods of Greek literature and adding more depth to them but keeping their core character intact. The art in the Webtoon series fits perfectly with the story with the use of expressive color to help build the scenes. I have always been a sucker for Greek mythology and this was an instant hit after chapter 1. 

Let’s Play by ( Leeanne Krecic) Mongie

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Another top Webtoon series that follows a promising video game programmer, Sam, as her dreams have been dashed when a popular gamer, Marshall Law, bashes her game online. To add more of twist he just moved in next door! Throw in a few more love interests and you have a romance story where fans are dying to know who ends up with who.

This story also tackles mental health as you follow several cast members all dealing with their own personal demons. Mongie has created a unique way to express this by personifying these emotions as these creatures that can cling to the characters. The series is currently on Season 2 with the story getting better with each chapter. 

The Gamer Story by Sangyoung Seong Illustrations by Sang-A

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Webtoon series We Love and You Will Too, List of 7 You Need To Check Out 2

More recently stories that involve video games have become a popular trope. This is the case for Jihan as he finds out the world has somehow become more game-like. Levels, Quest, and Achievements are now real but only he seems to be aware of it. His best friends also seem to be more than he appears. Watch as he Level grinds his way to survive in the world that exists among-st the real world. Currently, up to Season 4, there is plenty to catch up on.

unOrdinary by uru-chan

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Our main hero John is a powerless high school teen in a world where everyone has a form of power. Social hierarchy is heavily based on your powers where the weakest are bullied by stronger power users. But here is a secret, John might not be so powerless as he might appear. It’s a good story that but I think it has a hard time balancing the high school aspect with the rest of the world.

Most of the plot revolves around John’s high school life but there are outside forces at work and I’m not sure how it will all tie in. Season 1 had wrapped up for a while and can’t wait to see what is in store for season 2

Lunarbaboon, Amor E Morte, and Lil Char and the Gang by Christopher Grady, Hey Bob Guy, and Nekoama
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Webtoon series We Love and You Will Too, List of 7 You Need To Check Out 3

I decided to list these shorter format Webtoon stories together. You might see these webcomics re-posted and shared on various social media sites. But they are all here in sequential order! 

Lunababoon is a slice of life comic about the author and his family. Subject matters like silly thoughts, life lessons, and dealing with mental issues are all captured and shared for us to enjoy and think upon. 

Amor E Morte is a short panel formatted comic that follows a grim reaper on a “normal” day. Oh, he also has a young daughter, who is also a reaper. How does that work? Read and find out. It is a charming story with some dark humor here and there. 

Lil Char and the Gang is a comic you may have seen floating around the internet. In a Pokemon parody comic, You follow Charmander and his friends Squirtle and Bulbasaur just getting to trouble looking for adventure. The type of kids stuff you would except… you know they are pokemon. 

The Webtoon stories mentioned here are just the more popular of the dizzying amount of content available on the Webtoon platform. The site lists all the stories based on genre and popularity and announces new stories to check out. Best of all it’s all free. There are methods to support your favorite content creator on the site.

You can play for tokens that you spend to read chapters that won’t be made public till weeks in advance. So if you are new to all this, go and check out the series I recommended. For the rest of you, what series do you read? Let us know in the comments

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