Weekly Indie Spotlight Highlights From June 29th 2020

Welcome back to the Indie Spotlight showcase! My name is Alexander Trapp and I’ll take you through the Indie Monday Twitter thread from this past Monday, June 29th, 2020, where you can see the latest works of some amazing independent artists and content creators!

Let’s get into this!


INDIE Spotlight at Geek Impulse

For today’s gaming highlight, I’d like to point your attention to Twitter user Runaway Goldfish, who also goes by the name of citruskoin on Twitch. Here’s she’s displaying her great skills in Beat Saber, slicing cubes and having a great time doing so. If you enjoy content where you can just hang out and chat in a relaxed setting, you’ll find yourself right at home with Goldfish’s Twitch channel. Click the image above to be taken to the link.

Goldfish also does art streams as well, and you do not want to miss this video her drawing the Street Sharks!


INDIE Spotlight at Geek Impulse

Speaking of art, next up I’d like to shine the light on this great tutorial series by Dexter D. Lopez. In it he will teach you the basics of how to draw a head and face. This is a fantastic course for beginners who want to learn how to draw and each lesson is easy to follow along, allowing you to begin your journey into the world of becoming an artist. Follow each lesson, practice every day, and you’ll be able to draw some great faces in no time!

Click the picture above to be taken to the link! Be sure to subscribe to Dexter’s YouTube channels here and here. One is for gaming and the other is for live streams. Both will lead you to some great times!


INDIE Spotlight at Geek Impulse

For this week in new content we’re going to go back and visit a familiar friend, G8ter Byte! In her latest series of G8ter Tries, she visits Panera Bread and tries their Chicken Summer Sandwich 2020. It’s another video that will be guaranteed to make you hungry, so you are WARNED to have a snack on hand before viewing the video!

Be sure to subscribe to G8ter’s YouTube channel where you’ll get more content like this, makeup videos, journeys to theme parks and other locations, and more!


INDIE Spotlight at Geek Impulse

Today’s crowfunding venture takes us to the Indiegogo page for UNSTICHED, the image of which you may have noticed on today’s article link. Unstitched is an all ages appropriate comic that is described as a mix between Rise of the Guardians, Toy Story, and Coraline.

The creator of the comic, Justin Dutton, describes the comic this way:

“UNSTITCHED is a 48-page story about a T.E.D.D.Y trying to keep the dreams and imagination of a little girl safe from The Darkness, who wants to corrupt it with fear. UNSTITCHED is a blend of Rise Of The Guardians, Toy Story, and Coraline.

Childhood wonder is built on dreams, hope, and imagination with fear being what unstitches it. The Darkness is fear taken form but is held at bay for now by Eleanor’s nightlight. It is up to a brand new T.E.D.D.Y (Terrifecally. Effective. Dreaming. Defender. Yeah) to protect her and her nightlight from the goons working for The Darkness trying to break the light and terrorize her without becoming UNSTITCHED in the process. “

You can click the image above to find the Indiegogo campaign page for Unstitched! At the time this article is published, the campaign has 16 days left and is 46% funded. Please share the campaign link with everyone you know to get the word out about this project and help it reach its funding goals!


INDIE Spotlight at Geek Impulse

This is a video that needs to be featured! The time of SciFi4Me TV managed to interview J.W. Rinzler the man who has helped chronicle the making of the legendary Star Wars saga movies. In just the first part of the interview alone, Rinzler talks about how he came to work for George Lucas and Lucasfilm, and how he began to write down the histories of the films that Lucas created.

It’s a fascinating interview to watch and I encourage any and all to view it, to subscribe to SciFi4Me’s YouTube channel, and to support their content and endeavors!


And that’s it for the Indie Monday Highlight from this past week! This was just a small sampling of the content that was shown from a group of amazing creators. If you want to see the rest of what the promotion had to offer from this past week, click the link below and help to spread the word of Indie Monday by telling your friends about it! Share it with other independent creators that you know!


If you want to join the Indie Monday Promotion and Showcase the next time it’s hosted, or you just want to help spread the word of when it takes place, be sure to follow my Twitter and YouTube channels. As the name of the promotion suggests, it takes place every Monday. I would be happy to have you there. My channel tries to focus just on the atmosphere of fun and creativity, and I try to keep things relatively drama free. We focus on the positive and help bring attention to amazing creators who are trying to have their voices be heard.



Thank you for your time. Remember, independent creators are the future of entertainment!

Alexander Trapp
It’s A Trapp! Productions

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