What Everyone Is Saying About 4k Hand-drawn Anime

Hand-Drawn Anime in 4K HDR coming to Netflix

4K Hand-Drawn Anime Geek Impulse
Ironically The Photos are not in 4K

The people at Production I.G and Netflix officially announced last week that they are collaborating on an ambitious project. The first ever hand-drawn anime with 4K HDR resolution. The anime itself has not been given a name. The Netflix original anime series is said to debut this fall and will be available to premium members.

Haruka Miyagawa is supervising the project and is Netflix’s creative technology engineer. Teru Saitou is directing the project. Saitou said. “There are hurdles like equipment, and 4K and HDR are undeveloped fields in the industry.” He added, “As expressive people, we always search for a chance to produce videos that are more beautiful.”

4K Hand-Drawn Anime Geek Impulse

The Animation Business Journal website noted that demand for anime with 4K resolution is expected to increase. The website believes Production I.G and Netflix’s production will push the boundaries of Japan’s hand-drawn anime. The project aims to use the newest technology and production techniques with the expertise of Production I.G and creators.

4K Hand-Drawn Anime Geek Impulse

What do you think about this trend? Will this be the way anime goes? What is your favorite anime on Netflix? Let’s discuss.

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