Why Kawaii Poop Museum are a Blankety-Blank

A new, and entirely crap, museum is coming to Yokohama on March 15th. The Unko Museum (or Poop Museum), will be a temporary 4-month installation right near Yokohama station. Get your phone cameras ready, because this one looks entirely designed to be your next Instagram post.


For just 1600 yen (roughly $14.50) you can get your adult self into a rainbow world of dookie, which looks less like a museum and more like another of Japan’s whacky pop-culture moments that we all love so well. While there will be sections on art and culture, it looks more like it has been designed to delight the young and old with its sense of fun.

Kawaii Poop Museum Geek Impulse

Yokohama is home to a good few famous museums, most notably the Ramen Museum and Cup Noodle Museum, both of which are also very interactive. At the Unko museum you’ll be able to splat poops projected on the floor, play in a rainbow ball-pit, and marvel at Unberto, the giant poop that carries its own toilet on which to sit and contemplate the world. We’ve been there, Unberto. We feel ya.

Kawaii Poop Museum Geek Impulse

If you have a quick peek at the website, you can already see how many poop puns they “untend” to make, the first one which is describing how “Unstagenic” their “Untertainment” is.

While it seems a little off the wall, even for Japan, if you think about characters like Gudetama, and Anpanman, both of which are personified foods that cover merchandise, have their own shops and shows, it doesn’t seem all that insane. In more recent years, Unko-Sensei teaches kanji in his series of books, the poop emoji is used worldwide, and previously to most of this the Dr. Slump anime and its cute pink poop has been prevalent.


So if you’re around between March 15th 2019 and July 15th 2019, consider a visit to the newest addition to Japanese Poop Culture. (Crap joke, sorry not sorry.)

Getting there is easy enough, it’s right next to Yokohama station.

Admission ¥1600 for adults, ¥900 for kids, Elementary age or below gets in free

Tickets: https://reserve.ale-box.com/reserve/121

Address: Unko Museum / うんこミュージアム
Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Nishi-ku, Takashima 2-14-9, Asobuild 2nd floor
神奈川県横浜市西区高島2丁目14−9 アソビル2F ALE-BOX内

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