Why Tokyo Gaming Houses Will Change Your Life

You can live the good life in Tokyo while pursuing your dreams of e-sports glory

Tokyo Gaming Houses Geek Impulse Japan

  • The house is close to a high-speed line to avoid lag or line drop
  • Initial cost is low.
  • The place is furnished with PC’s, display, desk, and chair for gamers
  • You will be living with a team (plural people), but it is said to function well
  • It is very possible for you and your team to get sponsorship by the time you move in

Tokyo Gaming Houses Geek Impulse Japan

Getting an apartment finished is not uncommon in Japan. With that being said, this house goes above and beyond. Not only will it have Nuro Hikari Internet Service, the house is furnished with computer monitors, gaming chairs as well as PC’s. You also get casual amenities include a shared kitchen that has several microwaves, rice cookers (plural), washing machines, kitchen supplies and a shared dining space and shower.

Tokyo Gaming Houses Geek Impulse Japan

Bedrooms are private and each come with their own bed, compact refrigerator, electric kennel to make hot water and a clothes hanging rack.

Tokyo Gaming Houses Geek Impulse Japan

The company e’sPRO manages several gaming houses. They manage three pro gamer-oriented houses. Each one is located in a Tokyo suburb of Tamagawa Gakuen. It’s an easy 35 minute train ride to the neighborhood of Shinjuku. You can take the Odakyu Odawara line.

Tokyo Gaming Houses Geek Impulse Japan
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e’sPRO will be holding an open house for prospective residents, with reservations available online here for February 23 and 24. Rent is expected to be around 100,000 yen (US$900) monthly, but at least there’s no key money required.

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