Why Watching Dimension 20 is A Great Thing

d20 cast 1
Cast of Season 1 and 3 Staring top left Zac Oyma, Brian Murphy, Emily Axford,
Siobhan Thompson, Ally Beardsley, Lou Wilson
Center Brennan Lee Mulligan

Dungeons and Dragons is popular. I mean REALLY popular. It has grown to new heights over the years under the 5th edition rule with a multitude of people streaming and recording their games to be shared. The show Critical Role is one of the most popular, bringing the game out from the basement into the public eye. Those familiar with the game were able to watch players truly immersed in a fantastical world but still have the same goofy antics one can find in any dnd table. Newcomers that barely heard about the game dungeons and dragons finally understand what the game is and why people love playing it. The amount of Dnd related content has grown, podcast, streams, groups, shows, all to satisfy that dungeon-delving itch. Now with that, all said, here is why you should watch Dimension 20.

Unsleeping City 1
There is Magic in New York in Season 3 of Dimension 20

What is Dimension 20?

Dimension 20 is the Dnd show on the College Humor platform Dropout. The game is run by Brennan Lee Mulligan and a set cast of players depending on the season. The show is on its 3rd season titled The Unsleeping City which sets players in a modern-day New York City where magic exists for those that know where to look.

cast 4 1

Brennan and Cast are Amazing.

This is College humor so the show is Hilarious. Brennan does a great job as Game Master balancing the humor of both him and his players without sacrificing the story and depth of the world he has crafted. These players range from experience dnd players to beginners but with the cast so used to improvisation, you can’t tell during role-play interactions. Player inexperience does show up during combat but Brennan can skillfully guide his players along as well as play along when his players attempt to do things outside the box. His philosophy of letting his players do stuff because it sounds cool leads to spectacular and sometimes outrageous scenes.

article pic 1

Condensed but Concentrated Content.

Dungeons and Dragons can be a long game. A single game session usually runs 3-4 hours with a potentially endless story. Dimension 20 takes that and condenses it down. Each season so far has been a different setting, different characters, and one major plot to unravel. The episode runs on average around an hour and a half long and formatted so each episode alternates between role-playing and battle. This works in allowing the viewers to watch a reasonable length program that they can pick up and binge at any season. The best part is they can do this without losing the quality of the game. Brennan is still able to take the setting and give it rich detail. History, background characters, well fleshed out scenery are all still there making the world feel real. The cast still has the time to focus on their characters as they each go through a personal story even while trying to uncover the major plot of the season. Everything seems more focused and everything they do has a purpose or payout at some point in the story.

escape from the blood keep 1
Cast of Season 2

The Game has Heart

A bit cheesy but it’s true. You can’t help but become invested in the story. You can’t help but fall in love with the cast and the characters they portray as they overcome the physical or emotional challenges they may end up facing. You can’t help but laugh or be emotionally pulled by the colorful cast of side characters Brennan seems to pull out nowhere. The energy of a table full of friends that occasionally mess with each other is infectious

Dwfj38XUwAAaOm1 1
Season 1 Classic Dnd and 80s teen movies.

You don’t have to take my word for it you can watch it and see for yourself. Season 3 is currently underway but you can start in any season. Season 1 is Fantasy High which combined that classic dnd you know and mashes it with every 80 teen movie you have ever seen. Season 2 Escape from the Bloodkeep is a spoof on a popular book series turned into 3 movies but in the perspective of the bad guys. There are full episodes released by College Humor on Youtube but they all stop halfway in the season. So if you get hooked, the only way to watch it to the end is to sign up for Dropout.

What are your thoughts on Dimension 20? What shows do you think is better? What Dungeons and Dragons shows do you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Amit Rubin


    What I’d like to add is that the accompanying show, Adventuring Academy (freely available on YouTube), has some great insights for DMs and players alike. It has helped me up my game.

    • roguepanda89

      I would totally agree, Love hearing Brennan’s insight as well has his guest idea on Dming and running Rpgs in general.

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