With Kohler’s New Smart Devices Alexa is Now in Your Bathroom

Kohler’s newest Moxie shower head includes a removable speaker with Alexa smarts and Harman Kardon audio. Kohler’s New Smart Devices will take your bathroom and other places in the home to a whole new level of smart.

Kohler's New Smart Devices Geek Impulse

DTV Mode is a more basic system for water delivery without the lights and sound of DTV Plus, giving consumers the option to have Kohler’s water customization without all the fancy tech to go along with it. The valve will cost $825 and the interface $225. The DTV Plus system’s $1,200 touchscreen interface is far more expensive than the model shown here.

Kohler's New Smart Devices Geek Impulse

The Moxie AI Speaker can be purchased with or without a new shower head, so you can also fit it to your existing shower. It’s powered by Amazon Alexa and docks magnetically, and of course it’s fully waterproof with a IPX67 rating.

During CES Kholer also displayed a few touchless toilets. These were flawlessly integrated with its own $1,000 San Souci and Tresham models and its $600 Reach and Corbelle designs. No official sale date has been specified as of yet but having a toilet that features the ability to flush without touching, just by waving your hand is something we at Geek Impulse can get behind. Pictured Below.

Kohler's New Smart Devices Geek Impulse
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The sensor surrounds a physical handle and includes a color-changing night-light you can control from the Kohler Konnect app. This will allow you to control the sensitivity as well as various other functions. Kohler promises to update this technology and more over the coming years and introduce other smart devices for the future. Good or bad the world will be connected and everything in our homes will be. The more you know the better so you can equip yourself with the knowledge needed to protect yourself from someone who decides to hack your toilet and make it flush continuously.

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