World’s First Godzilla Theme Park. Its Japans New G Spot

To experience the worlds first Godzilla theme park it will be necessary to visit Nijigen no Mori anime theme park which is the home of Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji. There is also a permanent museum. It is located in Hyogo prefecture and was opened on October 10th.

World's First Godzilla Theme Park

The attraction occupies 5000sqm on the west side of the amusement park. But before you make a run for the rides, watch a Godzilla film made specifically for the attraction of the on-site theater. The origin story is produced by one of Japan’s largest production companies, Toho, which also owns the rights to Godzilla. The film features guest appearances by Japanese actor Satoru Matsuo who played Shuichi Izumi in ‘Shin Godzilla’ as well as up-and-coming Japanese actress Hirona Yamazaki, who is about to make her Hollywood debut in the film adaptation of the video game ‘Monster Hunter’.

The highlight of this latest attraction is the 120-metre-long statue of Godzilla’s upper body, where a 162-metre-long zipline can propel you straight through his monstrous teeth-ridden mouth. There is also an opportunity to take the shorter 152-metre course that zips past the beast on the outside. The Godzilla shooting range is located nearby, where you’re going to aim for targets set on the massive Godzilla to accumulate points and compete with other rivals.

World's First Godzilla Theme Park Geek Impulse

Over 100 kaiju (‘monsters’ in Japanese) figurines and their prototypes can be found in the museum, along with the actual sets and costumes from ‘Shin Godzilla’ as well as the diorama of the famous battle scene at Tokyo Station. The museum still provides more than 200 original goods for purchase. Entry to Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji costs 3.800 yen for adults and 2.200 yen for children aged 5 to 11 years (free for children under 4 years of age). It incoporates access to all the shops and attractions of Godzilla Park all day long.

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