Worldwide Viral Anime ‘Mirai’ Nominated For Academy Award

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Worldwide Viral Anime ‘Mirai’ has done something incredible. The Academy has announced the nominees for Best Animated Feature category, and as you can guess one of the five slots was given to Mirai. In Japan, it goes by the name Mirai no Mirai, or “Mirai from the Future.”

This is not the first time that a Japanese-produced film was among the five chosen. In 2013 you had The Wind Rises, in 2014 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya and in 2015 When Marnie Was There. since then there has only been a nod to films and at least for this year, it would appear the drought is over. It was interesting that Your Name only got a nod in 2016 when amongst fandom it is arguably one of the better anime films of all time.

Mirai’s English-language trailer

For those of you hoping that Mirai will take home the Oscar and have this be the second time that happens, you may be disappointed. Hosada has not resonated with critics and fans of anime with this film as he has done with his earlier films. If you compare the hype with that of Summer Wars or Wolf Children, Mirai doesn’t hit the mark. You also have the surprise hit of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which has received unexpected high praise from fans and is in the same category.

Though we will not know the outcome until the Oscar envelope has been read, it will be the first time that a non-Studio Ghibli anime has been nominated. The Academy Awards ceremony will be on February 24th in Los Angeles.

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Source: Oscars official website via Cinema Today via Otakomu

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  1. Jeff Sai

    It was a good film. Not sure that it deserves the nomination for an academy award though.

    • Cymon Paraiso

      Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comment. It does not have the same captivating story perhaps as his other works. It is still cool that he got the nomination.

      • Jeff Sai

        Yeah it is cool. I feel like Hollywood is trying too hard, but trying not to seem that way by putting Mirai in the category. Spiderman will most likely get the win.

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