Xbox and Discord Link Up So Players Can Too

Playing with friends is one of gaming’s most rewarding capabilities. However, sometimes it’s difficult to connect when you are a multi-platform player.

In the coming weeks, PC and console gamers will be able to link their Xbox account to their Discord account. Then you can choose to allow friends to see what game you’re  playing, whether on PC or Xbox One. By choosing Discord, one of gamer’s favorite communication apps, it will be easier than ever to connect with friends.


Xbox and Discord - Geek Impulse

In this way, if you or your friends are just about to hop into a game, you can each decide whether to join each other. To set it up from Xbox One, open Account Settings, select Linked Social Accounts, then click on Link under Link Discord Account. You will receive a code, which you will enter in the Discord app under the Connections tab.


From your PC, under User Settings click on the Connections tab, then click on the Xbox Live option and sign into your account. Join our Discord and once this feature becomes available, which is today for Xbox Insiders, come see what we’re playing here at Geek Impulse!


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