Yeo Jin Goo and Kang Min Ah Star Together in New Drama “Beyond Evil” 11th

Yeo Jin Goo

Kang Min Ah joins Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun in the upcoming drama “Beyond Evil”

H& Entertainment announced on February 11 that the actress, who recently stole hearts in the famous TVN drama “True Beauty,” will appear alongside Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun in “Beyond Evil.” This is reported by Naver.

A psychological thriller featuring two men who are prepared to defy laws and the rules in their search for a serial killer in the upcoming drama. They must dig deeper at the secret sides of the people involved in the case as they strive to track down the killer, constantly asking themselves, ‘Who is the monster? This is you? Are they me? Is this us? ”

Yeo Jin Goo

Kang Min Ah will play the role of Kang Min Jung, a cheerful and truthful Manyang village college student whose father owns the local supermarket. She is incredibly similar to Lee Dong Shik, the character of Shin Ha Kyun, whom she grew up calling “Uncle” from an early age. Kang Min Jung manages to evade Lee Dong Shik’s line of sight in spite of their close friendship as she goes about drinking, dancing, and having a good time during her college years.

Shin Ha Kyun plays Lee Dong Shik, a former Violent Crime Division detective who has been forced into a lower-level position at the local police station to become a sergeant. He’s in charge of doing odd jobs at the station, but when he comes across an old serial killer case that shook up his world 20 years ago, his life is turned upside down again. Yeo Jin Goo plays elite detective Han Joo Won, who has a mystery while on his way to the local police station in Manyang.

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