YouTuber Tom Scott Sent Garlic Bread to The Edge of Space!



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Great Minds such as Galileo, Einstein, Newton and even the late Stephen Hawking have all pondered the same question… What happens to garlic bread when you send it to the edge of space? Well we finally have the answer. British YouTuber Tom Scott did just that.


During the opening scene of his new film, Tom Scott States: “This is not going to be a normal video, we’re sending garlic bread to the edge of space!” Scott continues, “Most standards organizations agree that space officially starts at the completely arbitrary Kármán line, 100 kilometers up.” He goes on to say, “We’re not saying space, we’re saying the edge of space.” This is an important distinction. 





According to Newsweek: 

“This started as a conversation in a pub a few weeks ago and turned into one of the more ridiculous videos I’ve ever done,” Scott wrote in the video’s description. “We send home-made garlic bread skyward on a balloon; exposed it to the stratosphere, 35km up; successfully returned it to earth in a protective box; and then ate it. It tasted… cold. ”


This is pretty cool. Geek Impulse is glad to share this with you. Did you watch the video? It currently has over 1.9 million views and growing and is Number 8 on Trending. Would you eat garlic bread or anything after it has come back from the edge of space? Let us know in the comments below.



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