Yui Fukuo Leaves Idol Group AOP to Focus on Voice Acting

Breaking news comes in the form of Jpop and Anime news. The highly popular AOP (abbreviation for Anime OEN Project) announced that one of its current four members, the talented 23-year-old Yui Fukuo is set to leave the group at the end of June. Yui says she will instead focus on her voice acting works.


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She wrote about it further in her blog


“I have known that the day of my graduation from AOP would come soon or later. Because, as I show as the reason, I have been thinking about focusing on voice acting works for so long. While waiting for an appropriate time for the transition, I have been also offered various jobs as AOP thankfully. Then I decide to graduate at this timing.”





If you want to see her one last time before she leaves the group you will have the opportunity because YUI’s  last concert with AOP is scheduled to be held at Shibuya WWW X in Tokyo on June 15.




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