Yuri On ice was Honored at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Yuri On ice was Honored during the 2018 Winter Olympics

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Yuri On ice was Honored during the 2018 Winter Olympics that kicked off in South Korea on the 9th of February. Japanese pair skaters Suzaki Miu and Kihara Ryuichi started with an especially exciting routine which caught the internet by storm. For their performance, the duo skated to a song from hit anime Yuri on Ice!

Yuri On ice

The song the pair skated to was Yuri on Ice and was the featured song attributed to the anime’s protagonist Katsuki Yuri. Before the routine had finished fans took to Twitter and almost broke the internet when the event was broadcast on television. It gained so much attention on Social Media that it the worldwide trending phenomenon even attracted the attention of the franchise’s original creator, Kubo Mitsurou. Kubo cheered on Suzaki and Kiharaand and also thanked former figure skating champion Sato Yuka, who choreographed the routine because Yuri On Ice was honored and made it to the Olympics in real life.


The Anime first aired in late 2016, Yuri On Ice still commands a huge following among anime fans and has even grabbed the attention of big named professional figure skaters such as Evgenia Medvedeva and Johnny Weir, who are no stranger when it comes to  expressing their love for the anime.

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